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We invite you to browse through our vast selection of windows, doors, skylights, shutters, screens, trim and molding! Whether you’re looking for hurricane resistant doors or HARC-approved historic windows, we have everything you need.

Located in Key West, FL, Island Doors and Windows has been providing homeowners and businesses with reliable, beautiful products for more than 15 years. Contact one of our representatives with your home or business needs today!

Commitment To Quality

At Island Doors and Windows, we prioritize you. Part of valuing our customers means offering high quality products. From our fiberglass doors to our trimmings, we want you have the best.

Door Designs

You don’t want a cookie cutter door. You want something unique, a door with character or charm. At Island Doors and Windows, we understand. We share your passion for beautiful doors. That’s why we offer only the finest historic wood doors, fiberglass doors, wood doors, and high impact doors to our Key West customers.

Window Designs

A window isn’t just something to look through. It’s something to look at! At Island Doors and Windows, we are committed to offering beautiful windows that are innovative and durable. That’s why we provide our Key West clients with the best HARC-approved historic windows, skylights and high impact windows available.

Our Products

Our goal at Island Doors and Windows is to give you great selection. That’s why we offer the finest products from a variety of high-end manufacturers.


We love beautiful doors. Our goal is to provide you with the finest historic wood doors, fiberglass doors, wood doors, and high impact doors around.



We offer innovative and durable windows. Whether you’re looking for historic windows, skylights or high impact windows, we’ve got you covered.

  • Shutters

    We offer charming decorative shutters as well as hurricane impact shutters, which will protect you, your family and your valuables from the worst of storms.

  • Retractable Screens

    You love feeling those easy Key West breezes. On a warm day, there’s nothing better than having a gentle wind blow through your home.

  • Trim & Molding

    The elegance of trim and molding in a home is unparalleled. Trim and molding unifies your home in a way that nothing else can.