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Hurricane Shutters

Many people opt for historic windows in Key West out of respect for the tradition and history of the town. However, traditional windows do not offer the same level of protection that modern, technologically reinforced windows do against prevalent tropical storms and hurricanes. That’s why Island Doors and Windows offers hurricane shutters to Key West residents.

Shielding Your Home

In Key West, the average hurricane gusts are around 109 mph. Imagine what would happen without these shutters! Debris from the storm could break unprotected glass in no time at all! The force from the wind tunneling into your home would dramatically increase the pressure inside your house. The resulting pressure would be so great that it could blow your roof right off and shatter the rest of the windows along with it!

That’s why at Island Doors and Windows, we offer shutters that can withstand even the worst of storms. Our aim is to protect you, your family and your valuables from any storm or debris that life throws your way.

Decorative Shutters

Maybe you already have high impact windows and you just want to add some charm to your home or business’ exterior. At Island Doors and Windows, we carry decorative shutters that come in all shapes, colors, materials and styles. We can help you find whatever you’re looking for!

See Our Shutter Manufacturers

At Island Doors and Windows, we know the importance both of safety and style. Browse through the sites of our shutter manufacturers below to see what options we can provide for your home:

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What Else Do We Offer?

Shutters are just the beginning. See what else we provide our Key West customers:

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