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Impact Windows
Danger to Key West Homes

Hurricanes are a very real threat in Florida, particularly in the Keys. Key West experiences hurricanes or tropical storms once every two to three years. As a resident of Key West, you may have to prepare for storms with forceful, aggressive winds: On average, when a hurricane hits the Key West area, it has around 109 mph winds! You need windows that will protect your possessions from gale force winds, rain and debris.

Regular windows just don’t do the trick. They often shatter, leaving homes to the mercy of the storm. That’s why the South Florida Building Code required in 2001 that every exterior opening in a home be protected with shutters or impact windows. For your protection and to help you comply with this building code, Island Doors and Windows offers a wide selection of impact windows.

Serious Protection

Impact windows consist of impact resistant glass, which will keep hurricane winds and debris from breaching your home or business. Not only are impact windows strong, they are securely fastened in place using a heavy-duty frame.

Impact windows are an excellent alternative to hurricane shutters or storm panels. Instead of hassling with putting up or taking down hurricane shutters or storm panels, impact windows offer day and night protection.

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