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You love feeling those easy Key West breezes. On a warm day, there’s nothing better than having a gentle wind blow through your home. However, you aren’t thrilled over the insects that find their way through an open window. You know you need some sort of screen.

But Screens Are Ugly!

We’ve heard it before: You recognize the need for some sort of screen to block the bugs from entering your house. However, the thought of putting a permanent screen on your doors or windows makes you cringe. Your windows are beautiful! You want to show them off. Traditional screens seem to just get in the way.

Retractable Screens are the Perfect Solution!

Retractable screens are ideal because they are there when you need them and discrete when you don’t want them to be seen! When you want to open your windows, retractable screens will keep insects from entering your home. When you simply want to see outdoors, you can hide the screen and enjoy a view of the outdoors unimpeded.

They also offer uniform shade protection. How annoying is it when bright sunlight bursts through the cracks between the slats in your blinds? Whether you’re at home watching television or at work in an office, the lines of light that peek through these cracks often cast a maddening glare on your electronic devices. Retractable screens solve this problem by offering consistent shade.

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Consider Retractable Screens for Your Home!

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